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About Bethany

Bethany's first large-scale work of art landed all over her parent’s kitchen floor — despite her witty, four-year-old attempt to give credit for the fine piece to her imaginary friends! She never stopped creating though, and eventually learned the best places to display her artwork.


Bethany has worked in the commercial arts for over twenty years, and loves storytelling through art and design. She is extra fond of picture books — a place where art and words can’t survive without each other. Lulu is her debut picture book.

Also, Bethany loves kids — and has three of her own. She also really loved being in school. Can you guess what her favorite subjects were?

BIRTHDAY: August 29

FAVORITE PRESENTS: Pictures my kids draw for me and being given a delicious thing to eat that I didn't have to cook

FAVORITE FOODS: Sauerkraut and kombucha, dark chocolate and tacos!

BEST FRIEND: My husband, Kyle

FAVORITE COLOR: Do I have to pick just one?

HOBBIES: Swimming, daydreaming at the beach, playing board games, drawing and painting, and attempting to walk our dogs

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