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Looking for a creative boost for the kiddos in your school, library, or homeschool co-op? 


I’d love to share Lulu's story with your group — and leave them armed and ready to flip gloomy thinking. I host an interactive “CHOMP!”-filled read-aloud, quiz kiddos on beaver trivia, unpack thoughts about creativity, bravery and perseverance — and have great activities available (like building a jet pack!) and more.


I offer a range of visits — from free virtual visits, to immersive in-school field trips where each child leaves with a signed copy of Lulu’s story to bring home! In-person visits currently available in Orlando, FL area, and virtual visits available anywhere on Earth. Sign up below for virtual visits or contact me for an in-person visit!


Interested in having Lulu and I visit your school or homeschool co-op? The virtual visits are FREE this spring (subject to availability). Take a look at the read-aloud and workshop options in this flyer and sign up below! ​

FREE VIrtual visit sign up
DO YOU WANT LULU'S SCHOOL BOOK DEAL? (details in flyer above)

Be on the lookout for an email confirmation of your visit date — thank you!

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